Let’s have some real democracy!

“It’s not the government’s role to put its thumb on the scale of any particular project – it undermines the public confidence that the environment is getting the protection that it needs. Governments issue permits, but communities grant permission.” An important statement of democratic values, and well put. The speaker was Justin Trudeau (video here), … Continue reading Let’s have some real democracy!


Interim response to the provincial government’s “climate strategy”

On Monday (Dec 4, 2017), Environment Minister Dustin Duncan announced the Saskatchewan government’s much-awaited climate strategy, entitled “Prairie Resilience”.  We find it something of an anticlimax – a remix of old ideas with no truly new initiatives.  There are some positive elements within it, but for the most part it demonstrates a distressing lack of … Continue reading Interim response to the provincial government’s “climate strategy”

People’s Climate March in Regina

We haven't posted for a while.  That's not because we haven't been doing anything - it's more because we've been doing too many other things! But this weekend our friends in Regina are organising a climate rally.  And here is a guest post from one of those organisers, Frances Simonson: Saskatchewan will participate in the … Continue reading People’s Climate March in Regina

Oil vs Democracy: to whom are Wall and Trudeau accountable?

CBC reported on December 20th that the Saskatchewan government was ignoring the Information and Privacy Commissioner's recommendation that it release records and information relating to inspection of Husky Energy's pipelines. Following the Husky heavy oil leak of July 20th which threatened the water supply of North Battleford, Prince Albert and several First Nations, a Freedom … Continue reading Oil vs Democracy: to whom are Wall and Trudeau accountable?

The premiers’ Pan-Canadian Framework

Discussions among federal and provincial ministers have finally yielded a result.  In an 80-page document, they have set out their agreement on action to address climate change.  At least, most of them have.  The Manitoba government is withholding its support for the framework as a bargaining counter until its concerns about healthcare funding are met. … Continue reading The premiers’ Pan-Canadian Framework

Answering Brad Wall’s talking points

In discussions of climate policy with opponents of decisive action, certain talking points inevitably get raised.  Some are more common than others, some are more subtle than others, and some require more knowledge and thought to debunk than others - but our current premier seems to be happy to use all of them.  We are … Continue reading Answering Brad Wall’s talking points

The Saskatchewan White Paper on Climate Change

Last week (on Oct. 18, 2016) Brad Wall at last announced his climate policy... sort of.  It turns out that there is nothing new in the White Paper as regards actual policy - but there are some new twists in the demands that he is making of the federal government. It is encouraging to see … Continue reading The Saskatchewan White Paper on Climate Change